VIDEO: Kevin Durant's improbable 4-point play in Game 2

Sometimes in the playoffs, you need a little bit of luck on your side. With the Oklahoma City Thunder in danger of dropping Game 2 on their home floor against the Memphis Grizzlies, a mad scramble for control of the ball resulted in Russell Westbrook shuffling the ball to Kevin Durant in the left corner. As Durant caught the ball, Marc Gasol's momentum took him into Durant, who instinctively threw up a wild 3-point attempt.

And because this is the year of Kevin Durant, it found its target inside the basket and turned what looked like a big loss to the Grizzlies into an eventual overtime contest between these two teams. Durant had struggled most of the night against Tony Allen and his relentless defense, but he was a bit miraculous in turning a five-point deficit into a four-point play and a little bit of life into the Thunder.

Durant just does improbable things so easily.

CBS Sports Writer

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