Video: Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo leave the floor before the end of Game 7

Some bad blood goes away once the buzzer ends, the series is over, the game is through. Players are people, employees, and they can put that away. 

Some blood stays bad.

Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo walked off the floor of Game 7 in Miami with 20 seconds left in the game with the Heat dribbling out the clock on a 101-88 victory to advance to the NBA Finals. They did not shake hands with the Heat players, as is custom.


Meanwhile, Doc Rivers and Ray Allen stay behind to congratulate the Heat, as LeBron James can be heard saying "I really respect you, Doc" and answering "Yes, sir" to the Boston coach as they shared a man-hug.

Rondo has clowned the Heat routinely, in half-time interviews and on the court, and with Garnett being, well, you know, no big shocker here.

If you think that players shouldn't have to do such things after the game, you likely feel that this is no big deal and you wouldn't shake hands either. If you feel that sportsmanship has any value in sports, even professional sports, you understad that this is a huge insult and a pretty selfish maneuver under those predispositions. Nothing anyone says on either side will change your mind.

But here it is, and the other thing that will not change is the score. The end of an era is here for one team, the biggest challenge awaits for the other.

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