Video: Kevin Love's circus shot seals the Wolves' victory

To say the Minnesota Timberwolves needed a big performance from Kevin Love while also winning the game would be an understatement. Mired in a five-game losing streak with three of those coming with the surprise return of the franchise's best player, things in Wolves Land were starting to get panicky and chippy.

Fans have been doubting the team, wondering why certain players are allowed to play, and if the playoff dreams were a thing of naiveté. With the Wolves' up four points on the road against the Kings and one possession away from putting the game completely out of reach, Love picked up a loose ball, turned around while fading away from the basket and flung up a circus shot at the rim. It rattled around and fell through the net to give the Wolves a six-point lead and seal the 97-89 victory.

It capped off a 23-point, 24-rebound performance for Love, the 16th 20-20 game of his career. Love had struggled with his shot by making just 12 of his 35 shots in the previous two games, but managed to boost up his numbers with an 8-of-17 performance. He still shot poorly from 3-point range (2-of-8) but managed to get inside more and finished 6-of-7 below the free throw line.

After the game, Love was asked about the miracle shot and he joked that it was exactly how coach Rick Adelman drew it up.

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