VIDEO: Kevin McHale tries to interfere with Spurs inbounds pass

Coaches impeding with the course of play with an NBA game: so hot right now. Days after Nets coach Jason Kidd intentionally spilled a drink to try and stop play, Kevin McHale tried to get in the way of a Tim Duncan inbounds pass in the Rockets' win over the Spurs Saturday night. 

Gregg Popovich was... not amused. 

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That's not going to go over well. Duncan and Pop weren't talking post-game, and McHale recognized that he shouldn't have done it. From the San Antonio Express-News:

Neither Popovich nor Duncan would comment on Kevin McHale’s bit of bush-league gamesmanship near the end of the first half, when he walked in front of Duncan and stood to his right as the future Hall of Famer was attempting to inbound the ball from three quarters court with less than five seconds left. Duncan got the ball in cleanly, after which the Spurs missed a pair of rushed shots. But Popovich was enraged, not only earning a technical foul on the spot but coming back to bark at McHale during warmups for the second half.

An NBA observer told the Express-News’ Mike Monroe that McHale was within his right to stand where he did as he was still within the coach’s box. McHale, however, said he “probably should have gone and sat my big ass on the chair."

via San Antonio Spurs News, Scores, Stats & Analysis – Spurs Nation » Houston 112, Spurs 106: A rivalry resumed.

The league may have to send out a memo on this. Two incidents of attempted coach influence on play in-game in a week is going to look pretty bad. I mean, you get the idea, that they'll do anything to win, eye of the tiger, whatever. But it just looks ridiculous and, yeah, bush-league. Since he didn't actually influence anything, we'll see if the league decides to issue a fine on McHale or not. Kidd was tagged with $50,000 for his infraction.

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