VIDEO: Kobe Bryant announces return to the Lakers for Sunday

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has been out of action since April 12, 2013 when he tore his Achilles' tendon against the Golden State Warriors. For nearly eight months, basketball fan have been wondering when he'll return to the Lakers' lineup and how he'll play when he comes back from such a potentially devastating injury.

Bryant and the Lakers announced on their Facebook page Friday that he will return to the court on Sunday December 8 when the Lakers take on the Toronto Raptors. 

The video itself is pretty amazing in a ridiculous way. It's two minutes of a Kobe Bryant jersey weathering the storm. There is rain, wind, sleet, snow, and a lightning strike. Then the heavens appear to part for some healing sunshine that puts the jersey back together. If you studied film in college, you know they call this "symbolism."

Personally, it seems like far too long to hang a jersey out on a clothesline to make sure it's dry but I guess the all-healing ray of sunlight fixed whatever problems hit. It's great to have Kobe back on the court. 

CBS Sports Writer

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