VIDEO: Kobe Bryant goes yard in Richard Sherman's softball game

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Kobe Bryant attended Seattle Seahawks' cornerback Richard Sherman's charity softball this weekend, and at one of his at-bats, he got a hold of the ball. Back, back, back, back, back, back...

So hey, if Kobe decides to go the Jordan route, only in softball, he's got quite the future.

Bryant also took a shot at Oklahoma City after the Sonics left in 2008, and compared himself to Sherman, who Bryant said is a "psycho" like him. From CBS LA: 

“He’s a psycho like me,” Bryant said of Sherman. “I think it’s just mutual respect and I have a great amount of respect for people who work at their craft. When him and I met, we just talked and hit it off.”

Bryant said it was his first time back in Seattle since the departure of the SuperSonics for Oklahoma City after the 2008 season. After earlier saying the Eagles were his favorite NFL team, Bryant admitted he needed to make up for that statement.

“I’ve always enjoyed coming here. I’d much rather come here in the postseason than Oklahoma,” Bryant said.

via Kobe Goes Yard In Richard Sherman’s Celebrity Softball Game « CBS Los Angeles.

Seems unnecessary, but hey, pander to your audience, I guess. Bryant, who missed all but six games last year recovering from leg injuries, is expected to be 100 percent for training camp. 

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