VIDEO: Kobe Bryant is insane, jumps off 40-foot high-dive

So, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is nuts. Here's video proof. 

Yeah, that's $30-million-dollar shooting guard recovering from a torn Achilles jumping off a 40-foot high-dive, apparently.

I mean, part of me doubts it's him since, you know, voiding that $30 million and all, but Bryant also doesn't seem like the kind of guy to say he's doing it and not. Then again, he also "jumped over a car" and "over a pit of snakes."

But that Vine looks pretty real, and it would seem like it was awfully expensive to fake. He'd need like a billion dollar company behind him to try and fake it, or just to give him a reason to try and to it...

Oh. Anyway, let's all assume it's real so we can all revel in the fact that Kobe Bryant is completely guano insane. 

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