Video: Kobe goes MJ against the Nuggets

It's impossible to watch Kobe Bryant's soaring scoop layup against the Nuggets from Game 5 and not be reminded of Michael Jordan's layup against the Lakers from the 1991 Finals.

With MJ's, he actually had the ball completely in his right hand before switching to his left. Kobe held it with both, then switched to his left. Still, the two plays are strikingly similar. They both seemed to hang in the air just long enough to make the switch and flip up a fairly ridiculous shot.

Kobe has always wanted to be like Mike, and he clearly drew some inspiration from His Airness with that play. And down the stretch too as he hit four 3s and scored 43 points to bring the Lakers back against the Nuggets. But again, a small but important difference -- the Lakers lost.
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