Video: Kyrie Irving hustles a court dressed as an old guy

Kyrie Irving entered the NBA largely as an enigma. Robbed of most of his freshman year at Duke due to injury after a positively so-good-it's-kind-of-alarming summer, Irving nonetheless showed enough athleticism and ability to be taken first overall by the Cavaliers. No one really knew what to expect. Standards were low for his rookie season. 

Much as they were for Uncle Drew.


My favorite part is that there's a debate raging in the comments on the YouTube page about whether it was a setup or not. I'm betting that the first time the 60-year-old guy with the potbelly broke out the crossover drive and slam people were suspicious. But then, I may have too much faith in humanity. 

Also have to love the girls drinking Pepsi Max. Subtle. 

This is a pretty positive step forward for Irving, who needed to show some personality. His old guy impression was fairly hilarious, with the hippity-hops and what not. Cleveland has a star, a brand, a personality, a talent.

Hopefully this goes better than last time.
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