Video: Lance Stephenson puts Tony Parker to sleep

In the third quarter of the Spurs-Pacers game Friday night, Indiana guard Lance Stephenson put a spin move on San Antonio point guard Tony Parker and put his defender on the ground.

Stephenson was a high school legend in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was so good with the basketball and had such an NBA-ready body at a young age that the MCs at Rucker Park dubbed him "Born Ready." Since joining the NBA, he's had a disappointing impact on games as a reserve guard, although this season he's looked like he has the potential to truly belong in an NBA rotation.

The spin move against Parker proved two things:

1) Stephenson has a ridiculous amount of quickness and talent that a lot of people would like him to harness.

2) Tony Parker joined Rudy Gay as narcoleptic players in the NBA. Remember when we found out Rudy is narcoleptic? It's the only way to explain why they've fallen in such a manner. 

CBS Sports Writer

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