Video: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade go NBA Jam on the Kings

Sometimes, it feels like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are just playing some real-life NBA Jam. Their incredible transition alley-oops have become routine, and yet they still find a way to impress fans from time to time.

In the Miami Heat's 128-99 blowout victory Saturday night over the Sacramento Kings, the Heat had one of those transition moments they just love to throw at the highlight reels. After Tyreke Evans threw a crosscourt pass off the bottom corner of the backboard, Mario Chalmers helped tip the ball to Chris Bosh, who immediately fired an outlet pass to James. 

From there, it was just a matter of Wade and LeBron figuring out how they wanted to finish the 2-on-1 opportunity against Isaiah Thomas. LeBron quickly got the ball to Wade and booked it up the left side of the floor. Thomas attempted to knock the high lob away once Wade released it, but it was out of his reach.

James grabbed the ball, brought it down to about chest level, and then slammed home the reverse dunk. It was one of the few times in which the broadcast cut to the baseline camera, and it gave us a cooler look at the play. Usually the transition from camera to camera can lose the best angle on the finish of the play, but this time it worked out perfectly. 

Just another routine NBA Jam alley-oop from the James-Wade duo. No big deal.

(H/T - Pro Basketball Talk)

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