VIDEO: LeBron James appeared to be unhappy with Mario Chalmers

It's kind of an NBA joke that everyone yells at Mario Chalmers. Someone messes up for the Heat, yell at Chalmers. Someone does something good, yell at Chalmers.

But during the second half of the Heat's game against the Pacers, LeBron James actually looked really very mad at Mario Chalmers, popping off the bench to get after him. LeBron was held back by Udonis Haslem, and good thing, too, because that might've gotten ugly. 

Here's a GIF of the incident:

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Everyone always assumes that Chalmers is the Heat's scapegoat and that they're just singling him out, but ever consider that maybe he's running his mouth a lot? Don't know if that's the case, but it certainly appears that he said something to incite LeBron there. 

Later in the game though, the cameras caught LeBron saying, "Yo, Rio. I was wrong, man. My bad." 

And then tweeted this after the Heat won, 97-94.

So it's all good. Until the next time it's all Chalmers' fault.

Via @blazersedge

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