VIDEO: LeBron James eradicates Spencer Hawes' dunk attempt

This wasn't quite putting his stamp on Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals when he destroyed a dunk attempt by Tiago Splitter, but LeBron James met Spencer Hawes at the rim during Tuesday night's victory by the Miami Heat over the Cleveland Cavaliers and erased all thoughts of completing the play.

James' scoring 25 points in the first quarter and finishing with 43 against his former team was the big story, but throwing away Hawes trying to dunk may have been the best highlight of the game. The Cavs retained possession of the ball but Chris Bosh blocked Dion Waiters on the next shot, the Heat took the ball the other way, and LeBron was fouled for two free throws. The two freebies completed a four-point swing that helped secure the road win for Miami.

CBS Sports Writer

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