LeBron James got loose on a breakaway vs. the Nets, and after delivering an offensive foul to Andrei Kirilenko, was fouled hard by Mirza Teletovic of Brooklyn trying to wrap him up. James took exception. 

On review, James was assessed an offensive foul, and Mirza a flagrant-one foul. No ejection for Teletovic, right foul called on James, life goes on. Few things:

1. Michael Beasley is the voice of reason, "holding" James back. This is the world we live in in 2014. 

2. Andrei Kirilenko flopped something awful on that. James didn't get contact enough to push off to that degree. 

3. James overreacted. I get that Teletovic went high and around the neck, but he didn't lock him up, didn't sling him, and was just trying to stop his shoulders. Just not enough to warrant the freak out. 

4. He "went at" Teletovic, but if you watch, he stops short and waits for his teammates to hold him back. It's the smart thing to do, his team needs him and there's no reason to risk ejection and money loss over Mirza Teletovic, but still. 

5. Teletovic's smiling was creepy.