VIDEO: LeBron James (layup), Chris Bosh (block) secure Heat win

With the game tied at 91 and the Miami Heat needing to score, knowing the Portland Trail Blazers would have a chance to answer, LeBron James seemed to be looking for an opportunity to create a shot for a teammate. He had Ray Allen in the corner, Mario Chalmers looping to the opposite wing, and Chris Bosh waiting at the top of the key.

The Blazers did a great job of keeping those weapons away from LeBron's use, but that left James needing just an in-and-out dribble against Robin Lopez to get the go-ahead layup. 

Then the Heat needed to play 11.4 seconds of defense to stop Portland from forcing overtime or grabbing the road victory. Damian Lillard demanded the ball from his teammates, drove the ball past Norris Cole, and attempted the tying layup. Luckily for the Heat, Chris Bosh was waiting to block the shot and sent it the other way to secure the victory. 

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