VIDEO: Mark Jackson accuses the Nuggets of dirty play in Game 5

The Warriors and Nuggets series has been extremely competitive, and extremely entertaining. 

But it might be headed to new levels of intensity for Game 6. Because following Denver's Game 5 win, Warriors coach Mark Jackson lobbed some serious accusations at the Nuggets. 

"They were the more physical team, the aggressor," Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. "They hurt us in the first half scoring the basketball in the paint, made us pay for our turnovers. They tried to send hit men on Steph Curry."

That's right. He said the Nuggets "tried to send hit men on Steph Curry."  

Curry echoed his coach's feelings after the game, joking that the Nuggets put a "hit" out on him. 

More Jackson: "There was some dirty plays. it's playoff basketball. That's all right. We all do. Make no mistake about it we went up 3-1 playing hard, physical basketball. Not trying to hurt anybody."

More specifically about the dirty plays on Curry, Jackson: "I'm not going to get into specifics. You can take a look at the game. The screen on Curry by the foul line on a shot at his ankle clearly. That can't be debated. I've got inside information that some people don't like that brand of basketball. And they clearly didn't co-sign it. So they wanted to let me know that they had no part in what was taking place. Let the best team win, and with the exception of going down with a freak injury, let everybody leave out of here healthy. That's not good basketball."

TNT came up with this play as the one Jackson was referencing for Curry

Andre Iguodala was asked about Jackson's accusations, and brushed them off wisely: "I think I've taken the hardest hit of the series. It was Game 1 or 2, Bogut leaned into me on a fullcourt screen and I didn't remember what happened the rest of the game. I think they brought the physicality to the series, and then we've stopped being the receivers and have hit back a little. As far as anybody trying to cheap shot, I don't condone that myself. It's not in my game."

Said Kenneth Faried, who Jackson accused of setting illegal screens: "They play dirty every night. They have targeted me."

So yeah. Game 6 should be fun on Thursday.

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