Video: Metta World Peace in Lifetime's 'The Eleventh Victim'

Nancy Grace -- yes, that Nancy Grace -- wrote a book called The Eleventh Victim, and it was turned into a Lifetime movie. What does this have to do with anything?

Because Metta World Peace is starring in it. (He's credited as "Ron Artest" for the movie.)

World Peace met Grace while on the set of Dancing With the Stars, and she evidently liked him so much that when the movie was being cast, she pushed for him to have a role. His name in the movie is "Garlin Fincher," and he plays a detective who's leaving "wilds of Atlanta for the more pleasant climes of Afghanistan."

"Hey, I still got skills," World Peace says, so convincingly. Acting!

And so there he is, acting in a movie that will run on Lifetime. Metta World Peace, everybody. So weird that nothing is surprising.

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