VIDEO: Meyers Leonard, Daniel Orton ejected for flagrant, tech

During a rout of the Philadelphia 76ers by the Portland Trail Blazers Saturday night, we saw a little scuffle between Daniel Orton of the 76ers and Meyers Leonard of the Blazers when the game was already decided. After some tussling throughout the fourth quarter, Orton came down the floor on offense with a little over seven minutes left in the game and was battling Leonard for position. Instead of pushing back in the post, Leonard opted for the complete takedown as he brought Orton to the floor.

That prompted Orton to retaliate with an elbow to the grill of Leonard as soon as they hit the floor. Leonard was ejected for a flagrant-2 foul while Orton was assessed a technical foul for his elbow and an ejection from the game. It's hard to argue with either decision from the referees with them deciding both players had to go.

The best part of that video is Orton asking if he got to shoot his free throws after being ejected.

(H/T - ProBasketballTalk)

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