Video: Mick Pennisi with the worst basketball flop of all time?

There's a time and place for hyperbole, and and this is that time and place. We are about to view what is arguably the greatest flop in basketball history. 

Mick Pennisi, a big man currently competing in the Philippine Basketball Association, got himself into a little tussle in the paint. Out of frustration, his opponent decided to put two hands on the basketball and donk it right off Pennisi's noggin. Because this is a basketball and not a bowling ball that we're talking about, the action did not real damage other than startling Pennisi.

But that didn't stop the next step of his priceless reaction from unfolding. After a two-second delay, Pennisi decided to finally react as if shot in the head with a bullet by staggering backwards and throwing his head back. He then hit the floor hard as the referee and other players intervened.

That description obviously doesn't do this ridiculous flop justice. Just watch it. There are like fifteen replays from every angle to really underscore the ridiculousness. The ball-to-head slam is great, the delayed reaction is priceless and Pennisi's sheer audacity sends the hilarity to the moon.

Here's video of Mick Pennisi's amazing flop courtesy of YouTube user SlaterCruz. Hat tip: @ChrisVernonShow

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