VIDEO: Nate Robinson isn't afraid to take on steak tacos

Denver Nuggets guard Nate Robinson has an insatiable appetite for scoring when he's on the basketball court. When he's off the basketball court, that appetite apparently extends to steak tacos from Taco Bell. This new Taco Bell ad starring Robinson and his son Nahmier (band member Nate) shows you that being a short person doesn't keep you from taking on big challenges.

Eating tacos with a lot of steak in them can be a big challenge. 

This is a sequel to the Kevin Love Taco Bell ads that had him eating a lot of nachos. Robinson is apparently a big fan of Taco Bell, having eaten it after games in high school when the team bus would stop there on their way back. The crazy thing about this commercial -- outside of eating giant tacos -- is that this spot was scheduled after his knee surgery. He still shot the ad just two weeks after surgery. 

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