Video: NBA 2K13 trailer featuring the Dream Team vs. the 2012 Team USA

2KSports has released its newest video in anticipation of the October 2nd release of NBA 2K13. And this time, they're going to (not) answer that question that everyone has been so determined to discuss over the past four months: Could the 2012 Team USA beat the Dream Team?

Couple things:

  1. Larry Bird looks far too ashen. He's a pale dude, but in this he looks like he's going to be chasing Bella Swan while whatshisface glistens in the background. Also, the fact that Bird executed a catch-turn-and-shoot is wholly unrealistic given his physical condition at the '92 Olympics. Should have animated him hobbling slowly to the bench to chill out for four quarters.
  2. Jordan's hitting that shot. Come on. 
  3. The Kobe Bryant animations are pretty great, not just the Kobe face, but the mannerisms defensively. Just needs the "pull-up-the-arm-sleeves" and it's complete.
  4. Has Patrick Ewing ever dunked like that?
  5. The LeBron-James -Chris-Paul celebration with the handshake-bro-hug combo was a nice touch. 
  6. Needs more Chuck Daly. 
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