VIDEO: NBATV crew welcomes 'The Starters' to the family

Roughly seven years ago, J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas talked on a basketball podcast in the home of Jason Doyle, who was producing and still produces the show. Since that initial attempt at a podcast to just talk some basketball like a couple of spirited friends at a local bar, what they've done is nothing short of spectacular.

In their time together, the "TBJ" guys who made The Basketball Jones a staple for NBA coverage in the basketball online world have paved the way and shown everybody that hard work, creativity, and being really good at what you do can take you from recording at a friend's house to working for NBA TV with your brand, your friends, and an expanded audience that will join in with the rest of the basketball consuming world that appreciates the work these guys do. 

Along the way, they've picked up friends like Trey Kerby, Matt Osten, and Leigh Ellis to round out a successful team that is ahead of the curve in just about everything they do. They've inspired hundreds of writers and podcasters to try to find their own voice in covering basketball. For those of you who listen to and enjoy the Eye on Basketball Podcast, it wouldn't have happened without the success and inspiration from the TBJ crew. 

Starting this month, they're no longer known as The Basketball Jones and will now be referred to as The Starters on NBA TV where their show will be seen on NBA TV,, and listened to on iTunes. You couldn't find a more deserving crew for the continued success. To think they began this venture in someone's kitchen and have managed to parlay that into calling Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Steve Kerr, Steve Smith, Tracy McGrady, Brent Barry, and Rick Fox coworkers in Atlanta where they will execute their brilliant style of coverage is just incredible. 

Congratulations, The Starters. Can't wait to continue watching and listening to your work.

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