VIDEO: Nets' Mirza Teletovic gets Deron Williams in better shape

There is a thing going on with the Brooklyn Nets in which Deron Williams is doing three push-ups every time Mirza Teletovic hits a 3-pointer. Williams has adopted Teletovic as his guy to keep the preseason games interesting. Late in the fourth quarter of the overtime win over the Washington Wizards, Teletovic dropped in a 3-pointer from the left wing, which caused an immediate reaction from the veterans on the Nets' bench.

Reggie Evans and Kevin Garnett quickly called Deron Williams off the bench on the sideline to complete the three push-ups. Williams wasn't playing due to an ankle injury the Nets are being cautious with, but he still managed complete the three push-ups. 

It would be weird if this translated to the regular season as well. It would be especially weird if they were on the court together and Williams had to drop for a three-count before getting back on defense. However, it's one thing to bring a little brevity and entertainment to the veterans while these preseason games are going on.

No word yet if Deron Williams had to complete some chin-ups after this tip dunk by Teletovic.

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