VIDEO: New NBA 2K15 trailer shows LeBron back in a Cavs uniform

Welcome home, King.(Say bye, Andrew Wiggins!)  (USATSI)
Welcome home, King.(Say bye, Andrew Wiggins!) (via NBA2K)

2K Sports debuted a new trailer for NBA 2K15 today, set to the Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Suck My Kiss" off their classic album, "Blood Sugar Sex Magik." The trailer features cover star Kevin Durant, some new gameplay footage, and several things that are hilarious. 

Things that are notable: 

The first appearance of LeBron in a Cavaliers uniform since Decision 2.0 (seen above). Oh, and hey is that Andrew Wiggins! What are you? Oh, right. (This was clearly developed before Wiggins was traded Saturday to the Timberwolves.) 

The first appearance of Pau Gasol in a Bulls uniform after signing with the team this summer. 

The detail on Birdman Andersen is pretty insane. They should have digitally put stuff in his bear. That's a crazy amount of detail on the tattoos and facial hair, though. 


Lance Stephenson in a Hornets uniform.

The Iguodala animation is pretty impressive. He holds his shooting had up just the way he does in real life, and that swooping motion is dead-on, as well. 

And then there's this. LeBron James, in Miami, with the banners he helped win behind him, dunking on Shabazz Napier, who the Heat reportedly drafted to try and get LeBron to stay. 

That's cold. 

Also, while the Ernie Johnson animation is a little pale and creepy, the Shaq head-turn at the end and "...Yakkem. (Pause)" was pretty hilarious. 

NBA 2K15 arrives October 7th on all major platforms. 

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