VIDEO: New Nike ad has celebrities congratulating LeBron James

Miami Heat forward LeBron James just won his second straight title and second straight NBA Finals MVP award. There is no better time to run out a new ad campaign than right in the wake of the end of Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals. 

Nike pounced immediately with this ad of celebrities leaving congratulatory messages on James' answering machine. Spike Lee, Warren Buffet, Dr. Dre, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, random people chanting "M-V-P", Nike chairman Phil Knight, a kids group that LeBron might work with, Aubrey "Drake" Graham, and 11-time champion Bill Russell.

The fact that Russell's other phone starts ringing and it interrupts his full congratulations is just perfect and shows LeBron that there is still so much work to do. Also, you can actually call (305) 767-2226 and leave a message for James. I can't even imagine what has been left. It would not be suitable for work, anyway. 

Also, who still uses an answering machine? Wouldn't he have a voicemail service?

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