VIDEO: NFL legend Jim Brown has harsh words for Kobe Bryant

With Kobe Bryant returning from a typically devastating injury, he's been the talk of the sports world for much of the past few days. On Arsenio Hall's talk show "Arsenio" NFL legend and prominent sports figure Jim Brown was asked about the return of Bryant and what his thoughts are on the spectacular athlete. 

Brown didn't mince words by any means. He criticized Bryant's history with Shaquille O'Neal and said he was confused about coaching. He left it up to the possibility that Bryant was raised outside of the United States for part of his childhood. He then mentioned that in 1967, there was a summit of black athletes to discuss boxer Muhammad Ali's anti-war stance that resulted in being arrested and losing his championship status in boxing.

The NFL legend said that if they had to do that summit all over again, there would be some athletes left out of the meeting. Bryant would not be invited, according to Brown.

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