VIDEO: Nuggets' JaVale McGee puts on a show in win over Spurs

While Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee has a reputation for making hilarious plays on the court, he can also make some pretty spectacular plays as well. There is both good and bad with McGee, but it's always highly entertaining.

In Denver's win over the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night, McGee controlled the paint in his 16 minutes on the court. He had 10 rebounds, two steals and four blocks in that short stint against the Spurs. The second block he had in the video might have been the most impressive because he had to get right back in the air after landing from the first block.

The third block he had was so hard that it almost looked like an outlet pass off the backboard to Corey Brewer, who streaked down the court for the quick transition score. And it's hard to get the best of Tim Duncan on any possession, let alone in such a ferocious way.

He scored only two points in the game, but that too was a pretty good highlight:

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