VIDEO: Nuggets produce their own Harlem Shake

If you've come this far, we all know you're going to watch it. So don't hate me -- I'm just the messenger.

The Nuggets are now the third NBA team to produce a Harlem Shake video. In my NBA Harlem Shake Power Rankings, I'd put them second. Behind the Heat, ahead of the Raptors.

What they have going for them: JaVale McGee, leading the charge, pulling off one Predator mask only to reveal a second Predator mask.

What they don't have going for them: They don't have LeBron dressed like a king dancing around with a scepter.

I think my favorite part of the Nuggets' version though is Andre Miller lifting weights over there on the right side and then once the freakout part starts, you can only see half of him in the frame. Old guy wasn't having this nonsense, I guess.

So there it is. Only time will tell if this fad will pass in time for us to avoid getting one from all 30 teams.

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