VIDEO: Pacers' Jeff Pendergraph fined for playoff flop against Hawks

We have our first flop fine of the 2013 NBA Playoffs. 

Indiana Pacers reserve big man Jeff Pendergraph was fined Sunday for a flop in Game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks last Wednesday. While defending Josh Smith, Pendergraph took a little bit of contact in the post and dropped back like he was Neo dodging bullets in The Matrix. It's a clear flop and an easy call for the league to make against Pendergraph. 

Pendergraph will have to cough up $5,000 to the league for the flop. The difference between the regular season league flopping policy and the playoff policy is players won't receive a warning before they have to pay the league. The next violation would be a $10,000 fine, the third violation would cost him $20,000, and a fourth violation is worth $30,000. Anything beyond four violations is subject to a fine and/or a suspension.

During the regular season, players paid out $25,000 collectively in fines for flopping. There were 24 flops identified by the league. Reggie Evans, J.J. Barea, Gerald Wallace, Kevin Martin and Omer Asik were all fined for a second flop violation during the season.

(H/T - The Point Forward)

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