VIDEO: Patrick Beverley abuses Jrue Holiday

Patrick Beverley is gaining a reputation, and it should be for more than just the guy that hurt Russell Westbrook. Because Beverley is rapidly becoming one of the league's most tenacious bulldog backcourt defenders in the league. 

Jrue Holiday knows what I'm talking about. 

In the Rockets' preseason opener against the Pelicans, Beverley kicked up his pesky act, pressuring the ball in the backcourt and then picking Holiday's pocket. Then he picked him up fullcourt, and ended up blocking/stealing it from Holiday.

Holiday almost got him back, but was called for a foul, so Beverley then jump a passing lane and stole it again the next possession. 

Then to wrap it up, Beverley picks Holiday again. This time as Beverley goes to finish on the break, Holiday clearly has had enough and goes for a hard foul. 

Something to keep in mind: This is the fourth quarter of a preseason game. Patrick Beverley, you're a bad man. Give me two hours and a stun gun and I still don't think I could get around him. 

Via r/nba

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