Video Quick-Take: Boris Diaw and what he can provide the Spurs

Video Quick-Takes show plays which are often going to get lost in a sea of highlights to show you what really goes on to make for a team's performance, good or bad.

I've watched it about a dozen times and I can't figure anything the Suns could have done better here. They got the rotation they needed, with Shannon Brown hedging to close in on Diaw on the roll. Hakeem Warrick isn't going to get there in time even if he does close on Kawhi Leonard. You have to attack Manu Ginobili the way they did because you can't let him get to the rim for the euro-step, and you have to try and go over the screen to prevent the pull-up. The weak-side defender had good positioning to challenge Diaw. The left-corner defender can't help, because Ginobili can left-handed flip it to the corner shooter. 

There's just not a lot they could have done. Force him right away from the screen and Diaw's still rolling to the basket and Ginobili can bounce-pass it to him from top of the arc to the rim for an easy score. The real problem here is Manu Ginobili because he can basically do anything. He's the Batman of NBA playmaking.

But beyond Ginobili, this is what Diaw brings to the Spurs. He sets a quality screen and slips it well. His spacing and positioning is good, but most importantly, when the ball is delivered, he doesn't get all excited and try forcing a shot up like so many over-eager bigs. He calmly drops it off to Leonard who makes a great cut. That creates an easy, open score at the basket. It's just good basketball from start to finish. This is what the Spurs were looking for when they brought in Diaw.

Six points and 4 assists for Diaw in 18 minutes in a win over the red-hot Suns Tuesday night as the Spurs keep rolling.  
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