VIDEO: Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas dunks on Wizards' Nene

Toronto Raptors' rookie Jonas Valanciunas is a pretty decent outside shooter for a big man. While he's made just 33.3 percent of his shots from 16-23 feet, he does have a deft touch at the free throw line making 73.0 percent. It's possible you look at that shooting touch from the free throw line and assume he can make it consistently from anywhere inside the 3-point arc.

Look at his shooting chart from

Granted, I know he's shooting 66.7 percent from the left elbow there, but I still think I'd make him prove he can hit that shot considering he's attempted only three of them this season. Nene apparently is convinced he can bury that shot because he bit instantly and hard on the pump fake from Jonas.

From there, Valanciunas drove down the lane and dunked all over the Brazilian big man. Even with the incredibly accurate 66.7 percent on three attempts from the spot he pump faked, the Raptors' rookie center has made 25 of 27 dunk attempts this season. If you're going to play the percentages, you should probably make him take that jumper.

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