VIDEO: Raptors mascot suffers season-ending Achilles injury

Basketball players aren't the only ones that have to deal with injuries. The people dressed in costumes do too. 

The Toronto Raptors mascot is out for the year after suffering a torn Achilles, sustained at a community event. He went for a backflip but at some point his Achilles popped and that was that. 

But even after, he remained on stage to finish the routine and give a kid a high-five before limping off. Who says mascots aren't tough?

Hard to figure what the Raptors will do after losing him, though. He's really the only guy they've got and they were set to really count on him all season for production. Do you make a trade and bring in someone else or maybe sign a free agent -- Hugo the Hornet is available, I hear -- or just go without for a while? 

Whatever the case is, I look forward to "The Return" where the Raptors play up his rehab and talk about how he's going to be better than ever and then the Raptor makes an emergency trip to Germany for knee therapy, and then there's two months of will-he-won't-he return stuff about his timetable, while the Raptor just uses it all for motivation and comes back in great shape and ready to go. 

Get well soon, Raptor.

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