VIDEO: Raptors Rudy Gay dunks all over Bucks Larry Sanders

Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders was the league's second leading shot blocker in the 2012-13 season with 2.8 blocks per game. He finished just behind Serge Ibaka of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who finishe with 3.0 blocks per contest. Saturday night, the Bucks were playing the Toronto Raptors and Sanders had a great chance to protect the rim in the second quarter. 

Rudy Gay drove the baseline and found Larry Sanders rotating over to stop him. Instead of worrying about the reputation of the rim protector, Gay rose above Sanders and didn't give him a chance to jump to block the dunk attempt. He threw down the one-handed dunk and gave us a nice little highlight from the Raptors' 97-90 victory. 

CBS Sports Writer

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