Video: Rasheed Wallace yells 'Yeah Aflac' after Arron Afflalo misses a free throw

Rasheed Wallace is known for his trash talk and way with words. From "both teams played hard" to "ball don't lie," Wallace has coined phrases that just kind of became part of the NBA culture.

I don't know if his trash talk to Arron Afflalo on Tuesday night when the Knicks visited the Magic will live on, but it was just so very Sheed.

After Afflalo missed the first of two free throws, you can very clearly hear Sheed yell out, "Yeah Aflac!" I'm assuming he's calling Afflalo "Aflac," but who knows. Maybe Sheed just says that when he's happy. Maybe he got a great rate on some health insurance and wants to tell people.

Good to have you back, Sheed.

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