VIDEO: Ray Allen hits 3 to put Heat up, James shuts down Johnson

The Miami Heat finished off the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night, winning their second-round series 4-1. The Nets lead for most of the game, and took a nine point lead in the fourth. But Miami just kept hitting big shots, eventually getting their three point shooting going. 

And then, somehow, the Nets let Ray Allen get open in the corner. 

Never let Ray Allen get loose in the corner. (Ask San Antonio.)

Miami couldn't quite get rid of the Nets, though. Joe Johnson would hit a three to cut the Heat's lead to one late, then LeBron James would miss a free throw, giving the Nets the ball down two. Then this situation happened. 

So that should have been shots for Pierce, but you can't call fouls on replay that weren't called initially. Officials miss calls like that all the time, but that's still got to sting that Pierce should have gotten two. 

So it was a clear LeBron foul, but at least the Nets kept the ball. One more chance to convert, and of course, the Nets went to ISO Joe, who had been brilliant all game long. But the problem with isolation play, especially against elite defenders, is sustainability. 

Miami advances to the Eastern Conference Finals for the fourth time in a row, and the Nets and their nearly $200 million payroll with luxury tax go home in five games. Lot of questions for the Nets headed into the offseason. They had their chances, but they just didn't have enough to survive the onslaught. 

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