VIDEO: Ref caught telling D'Antoni and Popovich he was stalling for TV

Why the strange delay last night in the Lakers-Spurs game?

It was TV. Always TV. It rules all.

In the fourth quarter of the Spurs' 108-105 win over the Lakers, there was a strange delay. The Spurs were ahead 12 at the time, and referee Bill Kennedy pulled coaches Gregg Popovich and Mike D'Antoni over to explain.

“You called a full (timeout) and you wanted a 20,” Kennedy said. “You didn’t have one. You called one in the third quarter. TV went to a 20, thought it was going to be a 20, all right? So what I’m doing right now is I’m stalling, I’m stalling for commercial time and that’s why I’m doing this right now. I need your help because ... I can’t let your teams go to the huddle, you see what I’m saying?”

Here's the explanation for what Kennedy was explaining:

You're allowed only one 20-second timeout per half and as Kennedy said, the Lakers called theirs in the third quarter. D'Antoni tried to call another 20 with 5:09 left in the fourth, but was assessed a full, because he'd already used that 20. TV got confused thinking it was a 20 and came back from commercial break too soon. So as Kennedy said, he just stalled to clear room for a few more commercials to run.

And since it wasn't an "official" timeout, the teams weren't allowed to huddle and had to remain on the floor. Get it? Got it.

Via The Point Forward

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