Video: Reggie Evans can expect to write the league a check

Reggie Evans was warned by the NBA over the weekend for a flopping incident. The next time the league determines he flopped within a game, he's going to caught with a fine. 

So he should probably go ahead an get the checkbook out. From Tuesday night's game vs. the Lakers: 

Couple of things:

  • The head-jerk and arm-flail is what's going to get him. That's a clear effort to create a call where there would be none.
  • I'm a big fan of both Mike D'Antoni's "call the league" motion and his "That's a flop!" face.
  • It's fitting that Evans, who is a terrific rebounder and hustle guy but not good at essentially anything else, will be the first to get fined. 
If fined, it'll be a $5,000 fine for first offense. 
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