VIDEO: Roy Hibbert plays paintball while wearing Google Glass

Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has already shown us what it looks like to put in work in the gym when you're one of the best centers in the NBA. Unfortunately for most of us, we're not going to push our height past seven feet in order to be able to relate to what Hibbert is doing on the low block.

However, a lot of us are capable of playing paintball and doing work in paintball fields and arenas. While donning Google Glass in the video above, Hibbert shows us what it's like to be the biggest moving target on the field. It was similar to watching a first-person shooter video game like Call of Duty, only we didn't have the scoreboard or hit markers to know just how well he was doing. In fact, I would be all for Roy being an unlockable player model in online play for an upcoming Call of Duty game. 

From the sounds of it, it seemed like he was happy with the result at the end after running, dodging, and army crawling to a probable victory. 

(Via @Hoya2aPacer)

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