VIDEO: Rudy Gobert gets Mozgov'd by Timofey Mozgov

Denver Nuggets' center Timofey Mozgov was put on the NBA map by having Blake Griffin throw down an epic dunk on his head. It was one of the signature moments of Basketball Twitter in which the internet exploded with delight. It was the NBA equivalent of a crowd gathering around a section of a small town to relive slow motion instant replays of a guillotine execution. 

Since then, he's actually become a pretty good role player, even if he can't help but shake that reputation from a poor first impression. Earlier this past week, Mozgov had 23 points and 29 rebounds on national television against the Golden State Warriors. Then Saturday night, he took a shuffle pass on a pick-and-roll from Aaron Brooks and elevated in the air over Utah Jazz rookie center Rudy Gobert.

He put Gobert on a poster something fierce. Maybe this will finally change the term "getting Mozgov'd" into something favorable for the Russian center.

CBS Sports Writer

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