VIDEO: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant take over down stretch

The Los Angeles Clippers closed the Oklahoma City Thunder's lead to one late in Game 3 of their Western Conference Semifinals matchup. It was getting tense for the road team who needed to retake homecourt advantage. And then, their biggest starts stepped up. 

Kevin Durant, slicing through defenders, drawing fouls, falling sideways and hitting the and-one:

Russell Westbrook taking the ball to the rack past multiple defenders:

Westbrook taking a monster three, the kind of hyper-aggressive shot off the dribble that he gets criticized so often for... and nailing it, cold.

And Durant, burying the dagger. Goodnight, thanks for coming, 2-1 lead for OKC.

The Thunder were helped by several players like Caron Butler and Serge Ibaka in Game 3, but as usual, it came down to Durant and Westbrook... and they delievered.

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