Video: Russell Westbrook throws down dunk Durant says is best of the season

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Kevin Durant gave himself all the credit for Russell Westbrook's insane one-handed finish Friday night against the Kings.

"I won’t give him too much credit," Durant said. "It was a great pass by myself."

Of course, Durant said this tongue planted firmly in cheek. But ironically, it really was all in the pass. Because the fact it was so bad is what made the finish so great.

“That was one of the most athletic plays I’ve ever seen,” Durant said. “Probably the dunk of the year but you know Blake Griffin has had a lot of those. But Russell, that was, for a 6-3 point guard to be catching lobs like that man, that was unreal. That ignited us."

The Thunder did go on to pummel the Kings 115-89 and were certainly sparked by Westbrook's play.

"I thought it was too short," Durant said. "I thought it was going to get tipped. He turned a terrible pass into a great finish.”

Said Westbrook: "It was kind of high, but Kevin, I guess, assumed that I could go get it. I just tried to go get it for him so we wouldn't get a turnover."

Durant was asked if it's the best in Thunder history and he said it probably was. But was happy to recount other Westbrook finishes like his stuff over Shane Battier, the one off the backboard his rookie season and another over Mario Chalmers. Durant even said it was better than his incredible flush over Brendan Haywood in the Western Conference Finals.

"This one was unreal because of how hight he jumped and how much he cocked it back. 6-3 man, never seen nothing like that," Durant said. "That was probably the best man [in Thunder history]. He dunked that like he was my height."

It was the kind of dunk that really needed to be appreciated fully in person. The elevation, power and precision it took to finish that was most impressive.

“That dunk by Russ, that was nice," Kendrick Perkins said. "That was pretty nasty.”
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