Video: Russell Westbrook violently dunks a basketball

In the first quarter of the game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans Hornets on Wednesday night, Russell Westbrook reminded everybody just how ferocious he can be.

Westbrook used a screen from Nick Collison and as the Hornets hedged the pick-and-roll really well at first, he simply used a little hesitation to split the defenders. Once he did that, he got into the lane and exploded toward the rim. The dunk was violent.

But the most impressive part of this play might be the veteran savvy that Hornets rookie Anthony Davis showed. Most young players usually stand in the way of dunks like that, allowing their hubris and unbridled enthusiasm get in the way of physics. Instead of getting in Westbrook's poster and attempting to block the dunk, he astutely examined the situation and realized he had no shot at blocking it.

Westbrook gets his highlight and Davis avoids some rookie hazing. Well done on all counts.

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