VIDEO: Serge Ibaka isn't interested in you scoring around the rim

The physical attributes of Oklahoma City Thunder big man Serge Ibaka almost seem created in a video game. He's 6'10" with a wingspan stretching into the mid seven's. He can seemingly jump as high as he wants as often as he wants, and each jump is an explosion of physics while testing the limitations of the human body.

That was on full display in a single possession during the second quarter of Game 4 against the Los Angeles Clippers. After Caron Butler caused Jamal Crawford to lose the ball, DeAndre Jordan corraled the loose ball and went right up against Ibaka inside. Ibaka slapped the shot away from the rim. Chris Paul grabbed the loose ball, drove into the lane, and Ibaka was waiting for this shot attempt too.

Ibaka blocked two shots in the same possession and kept the Clippers from getting any kind of momentum off fighting through that play. Let's take a look at the Jordan-Ibaka block from another angle:

Somebody was getting on a poster in that play.

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