VIDEO: Sixers' Evan Turner has a questionable mic check method

Before you click play on the video of Philadelphia 76ers wing Evan Turner doing a mic check on Media Day, know that he doesn't use the most appropriate word choice. This is definitely tagged as Not Suitable For Work because of the word he says.

It wouldn't have been a big deal if they were going to chop up this video and post it later on the Sixers' website. However, considering that teams are going to live streams for their media day interviews this season, it probably wasn't the most family friendly way to go.

It's not exactly Tom Hanks as an Aerosmith roadie on Saturday Night Live doing a mic check of "check, check, check one, check, check, sibilance, sibilance. Check, check, check two, sibilance, sibilance" but now Evan Turner knows what not to do for next year's media day.

(Via the 700 Level)

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