VIDEO: Spike Lee, Warren Buffett, Dr. Dre congratulate LeBron in ad

A series of celebrities and sports legends including Spike Lee, Warren Buffett, Dr. Dre, Drake, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and Bill Russell  call LeBron James to congratulate him in a new ad from Nike. 

Some thoughts: 

  • Warrenn Buffett actually does seem like a guy whose go-to move would be the hook shot, but that might just be because my 60-year-old father's favorite move is still the hook shot and that's how he'd kill me in HORSE.
  • Hey, look. We're pretendng Dr. Dre is still relevant. 
  • Having Phil Knight on a Nike commercial is the most meta event in commercial history. It's like a Community episode. 
  • Bill Russell. Chills. 
My big disappointment, though, was the ending. Here's how it should have ended. 
[Further close up on the number on the machine]
"You've reached LeBron, please leave a message." 
Kevin Durant: "Hey, man, it's KD. Congratulations ..."
Kevin Durant: "See you next year." 
[message number switches to "35"]
[fade to black]
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