Video: Stan Van Gundy says he doesn't 'give a damn about getting fired'

Stan Van Gundy told reporters before the Magic's game against Miami Tuesday that all this talk of Dwight Howard having control over his future (which the Magic have refuted aggressively Tuesday) doesn't bother him at all. And he means at all


So there's that. 

Van Gundy also said that the Heat's Big 3 scares him a lot more than a rumor about getting fired. The guy was in rare form, today. 

He honestly didn't deserve this. You can throw out master of panic or whatever assertion regarding Van Gundy you want, but the truth is that he's taken his team to the playoffs six out of eight years and one of the other two Pat Riley took over the team when Van Gundy "resigned." 

So to have this kind of stuff hanging over your head is a little bit ridiculous for a guy who has won 60 percent of the games he's coached and been to the Finals in the past three seasons. And yet. Here we are. 

The other element criminally lost in this discussion is that Dwight Howard needed Van Gundy to make him into the player he is. But that won't be remembered because of the power trip.

Good for Van Gundy for putting this stuff aside and just doing his job. He should be in consideration for Coach of the Year for having gotten the Magic as high as they are in the East with this circus going on around him every night. At this point, with all the nonsense that's gone on, if you had to ask Van Gundy if he wants to keep putting up with Howard, you have to wonder if he'd give a damn about that either.
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