VIDEO: Stephen Curry drills game-winner against the Mavericks

That moment Shawn Marion bit on Stephen Curry's pump fake and everyone in the entire world knew that the Mavericks were dead in the water. 

The Warriors clawed their way back from a big second half deficit, something that seems to be a bit of a habit for them, but stole it from the Mavs with 1.5 seconds left, 95-93. 

(Interesting thing: After Curry made the shot, the Warriors all assumed the Mavs were going to call a timeout, but they had none, and guard Nemanja Nedovic came running out to jump-bump Curry, which meant the Warriors had six players on the floor, which I believe is not allowed in basketball. Would've made for some hefty controversy had the officials called it.)

Curry's shot capped an incredible game from the Warrior guard, that included 33 points on 13-25 shooting (6-11 from 3), 10 assists (and eight turnovers), and three steals. Not too shabby. 

On his game winner, though, I'm not entirely sure if the Warriors executed all that wisely with David Lee setting a high screen on Jose Calderon, forcing a switch. It put the much better and bigger defender on Curry, taking Calderon off and letting him rotate out of the play. Obviously worked out, but if you're going to isolate for your final shot, probably should do it against the weaker, small defender rather than encouraging a switch to put a considerably better defender on you. Then again, Curry probably just appreciated a little bit more of a challenge. 

There was ample irony in the way the game finished, too. On one end, with the game tied 93-93, Monta Ellis missed a free throw line jumper. Twenty-three seconds later, Curry was implanting the dagger. 

Tough one for the Mavs to swallow, but there seems to be something special about the Warriors at home, especially when Curry gets to cooking. No lead is ever safe at Oracle.

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