Video: Stephen Jackson ejected from Spurs-Lakers game

After hitting three big 3-pointers to run the San Antonio Spurs' lead over the Los Angeles Lakers into double digits and beyond, Stephen Jackson did what Stephen Jackson tends to do: his mouth got him in trouble with the officials.

With 3:43 left in the game, Jackson missed a shot in the post against Kobe Bryant after Kobe had knocked the ball loose. Jackson felt he was fouled on the play and let the officials know about it right away. After Kobe made a 3-pointer on the next possession, Jackson kept going and got himself ejected from the game. 

That allowed the Lakers to get a five-point possession, which helped them inch back into this game. Eventually, the Spurs out executed the Lakers and pulled away with the three-point victory.

These were Jackson's fifth and sixth technical fouls of the season. He's now just three behind Clippers' forward Matt Barnes for a share of the league lead. 

(H/T - @cjzero for the video)

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