VIDEO: Suns' Gerald Green throws down big dunks in big loss

Before the Phoenix Suns were completely blown out of the water by the Utah Jazz, Gerald Green managed to give the fans in Utah some highlights to check out in the first quarter. The best of the bunch was this baseline double-clutch reverse dunk within the half court. Enes Kanter didn't even bother rotating over to stop it and Green threw it down with a nasty flare.

Also in the first quarter, Green grabbed a steal and took it the other way for the fast break dunk. He reached way back on this one and had a bit of a mini-windmill to it as he crushed it home.

Even if the Suns can't dazzle us with Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic (both missed the game), at least Green can give us a couple of fun moments.

CBS Sports Writer

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